Member of City Council

A city council member is an elected member of a municipal legislature.  Her primary responsibility lies with representing the needs of her district, much as a congressperson represents her constituents at the federal level.

The city council enacts ordinances and promotes the safety of its citizens with an undying focus on ensuring that her district's residents are treated fairly and with respect through the enforcement of those policies.

The Role of a Member of City Council
  • A city council member should be motivated by a personal call to service and a passion to help others.

  • A city council member should have a good understanding of what issues are important in the community.

  • A city council member is familiar with the district by attending community, civic association, city council, school board, and other meetings concerning her constituents district wide.

  • A city council member is a tireless advocate for her district.

  • A city council member will always respond to her constituent requests.

  • A city council member stays engaged and communicates with her constituents.


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