"I come from a family with deep roots and strong ties to the City of Wilmington and, especially, West Center City.  My family and I have been involved with community outreach, community engagement and community building for over fifty years.  I will build on my family legacy by working closely with the residents of the 5th District -  connecting, engaging and to helping to  shape a new direction for our vibrant community. 
Together, we will create more affordable housing, encourage economic expansion, improve community awareness, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets - a top priority.
My experience and legacy of family community engagement, will lead our community with positive solutions while working closely and productively with other city and state governmental agencies.  I am committed to leading the force for positive change in the 5th District."
Economic Expansion

  • Expand access to capital and stimulate personal wealth development;

  • Increase local access to consumer goods and services;

  • Expand the local entrepreneurial base;

  • Expand local employment opportunities;

  • Give neighborhoods more control over ownership of local resources;  

  • Connect residents and businesses to the regional economy.

Public Safety
  • Linking community development to smart community policing.

  • Build high-impact neighborhood safety partnerships.

  • Engage agencies local, state, and federal

Affordable Housing
  • Affordable housing to provide critical stability for  families while lowering the risk of homelessness for the vulnerable;

  • Affordable housing increases the disposable income that families can apply to other important household needs, while building savings for the future;

  • Quality affordable housing creates a stable environment for children, contributing to improved educational outcomes;

  • Affordable housing can improve health by providing stability, freeing up resources for food and health care and in-creasing access to amenities in quality neighborhoods;

  • Affordable housing preserves the affordable rental housing stock and protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords.